Can I Buy An NFT With A Debit Card/Credit Card On DA’s Platform?

You absolutely can! Here is how: 

  1. On you click the log in button in the upper-right hand corner
  1. Once you have logged in click on one of the live drops in the Live Drops dropdown
  1. Find the Buy Now button and click on it
  1. You select Custom Card and the click Continue
  1. To confirm your purchase you click Buy Now
  1. You enter your credentials and click Pay Now
  1. You get a pop up that confirms your payment
  1. You click on My Profile in the upper-right hand corner to see the NFT in your collection
  1. Your NFT will be in your Owned section
  1. To store your card hover on My Profile and click Payment Methods 
  1. Click +Add Fiat Payment Method to add your card 
  1. Enter Custom Name for your card and the rest of the credentials needed and click Add 
  1. When buying your NFT you will be able to select the added card
  1. You click Buy Now to confirm the purchase
  1. You get the confirmation pop up for your payment 

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