How Can I Send An NFT From DA’s Wallet To Another Wallet?

  1. Click the Withdraw button in the right corner 
  1. Select one or more NFTs. If you select more NFTs they should be from the same collection. 
  1. When the NFT/NFTs are selected click Continue 
  1. To withdraw your NFTs you need to connect your wallet first. Click Connect Wallet 
  1. Select your wallet (in this case MetaMask) and click Connect Wallet 
  1. You click the Withdraw button 
  1. And click the Confirm button in the pop up from the wallet. 
  1. After some time when the transaction is complete you get notification that the gas fee transaction was successful 
  1. You wait for the status to get updated from processing to completed 
  1. To import the NFTs in your wallet in the NFTs tab click Import NFTs 
  1. You enter the Address and the Token ID and click Add
  1. When the adding is successful you get a green pop up confirming it. 

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